The Collegian newsroom seemed to be like an actual real life newsroom. Just by the way everybody was worried about deadlines, getting all the right sources, and being preoccupied with the content of their story.

Not only were the staff writers reporting, but they also had school to focus on and other personal issues to be concerned about. I really admired their hard work and dedication to both the paper and whatever else was on their plate.

The two major issues with presented were there not being enough diversity in the newsroom and paper, and a decline in circulation. I think it was mostly the editor who really didn’t handle the situation for both accounts. I feel like he was just shrugging the diversity issue off and didn’t think that they had a problem with covering eclectic news. When James was dealing with the circulation I think he really was trying to make a change in the staffs’ beats. That was until he decided to publish the “Letter to the Editor,” but that only stirred things up and didn’t make the paper any more or less diverse.

I don’t think James put much thought into making anything at The Collegian diverse. He justified this by saying that they don’t need diversity in the newsroom because it wouldn’t make much of a difference. And when they recommend classes on teaching reporters on how to report on diverse issues he said that reporters wouldn’t have time to take these classes.

The stories they seemed less interested in where the sexual assault stories and the racial issue. For the sexual assaults, they thought that because assaults happen a lot around campus that it wouldn’t be interesting to report on it all the time. On the racial issues, I feel like they just didn’t have enough background on the matter which led to readers thinking they didn’t care about the issue as much.

I agree with jenny’s approach because she had a job and wanted to the story on the players and since nobody ever got back with her she to matters in her own hands.

The film reminded me that to be good in journalism you have to be assertive and persistent, especially if you want to do a good story.

I would say, Jenny, just because she was assertive and persistent with profiling the players. She was a good example of a good journalist and it just reminds me that sure it’s going to be difficult, but once it’s completed and you did your best you will feel satisfied.