Cameron Russell’s Ted Talk was pretty interesting in that she spoke about her experience of being a model.

She recognizes how lucky she is to be a white woman in the United States, but also points out that she’s not always happy with her career as a model.

Although she likes that she gets to travel all around the world and she gets to work with inspiring and incredibly creative people, she always feels insecure because she’s worried about how she looks.

I really liked how she had photos from photo shoots and compared them to regular pictures from her everyday life.

I think that definitely gave a sense of how much work is put into a photo shoot, from styling to putting the finishing touches on Photoshop. It’s important to remember that it’s a piece of art that these creative directors are creating.

Personally, I always wanted to be a model because of how fun it looked, but I knew that would never happen. I’m not nearly as tall enough and I’m missing other quality features that define a model.

But just because I didn’t look like the models in the advertisements didn’t mean that I was ever ashamed or extremely insecure of how I looked. I always knew that these women would spend hours on a beauty chair to just to look perfect enough to be photoshopped in the end anyway.

The only times I felt insecure was when I would look at pictures of myself or catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror so I would avoid both as often as possible. But like I said I never felt like I was that “ugly” or not pretty enough. Which is great for me, but what about all those other young girls who didn’t have the same confidence as me?

I’ve never really thought about that, but the only reason I’m confident is because my mother always told me to be proud of who I am. I also have a thick skin and don’t let people mess with me.

If we tell young girls to be strong and confident then maybe they would realize they are beautiful no matter what and that they don’t have to be models to be beautiful.

We need to teach everybody to be comfortable in their own skin because that’s who they are and they shouldn’t worry too much about how they look because everyone has something they’re insecure about.