“Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women. It’s about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s about equality.” I couldn’t agree more with her statement.” – Emma Watson from Reuters interview

Recently Emma Watson has been receiving a lot of heat for showing some skin in a picture she did for Vanity Fair and calling herself a feminist. Of course, I think it’s ridiculous that people are saying that she can’t be a feminist because she had one braless photo for her cover story.

People need to realize that feminism is about equality and letting women have control of their own choices. Also, it’s 2017, why are people still attacking women for feeling comfortable in their own bodies?! It’s completely ridiculous.

Which comes to the other issue with this situation. People shouldn’t judge others for showing skin. No matter how little or how much skin is being shown. If someone decides to do a naked shoot let them! If you don’t agree with a naked photo then don’t look at it and just leave it at that. There’s no need to pass judgment.

People need to let go of the old norms and embrace new ones. Where we don’t judge people at first sight or because they’re doing something we don’t agree with. It’s not fair to others because we all have different experiences and upbringings.

As long as everything is consensual and within limits, then we shouldn’t be making things like this a big deal.

Also, she had a single photo that showed underboob and even at that, it looks like she had a mesh top with a sweater covering most of her chest and she happened to be braless.

It’s insulting for people to tell her that she’s not a feminist because she’s baring some skin. She has the right to do whatever she wants. Nobody complains when a guy is shirtless (I sure don’t.) So, people shouldn’t discourage her for not having a bra and showing some cleavage.

It just really astounds me that people are shaming her. People need to realize how wrong it is to shame someone for choosing to show their bodies and to say that she’s not a feminist because of that.