In the film, “Latinos Beyond Reel”, it discussed the stereotypical roles Latinx are often portrayed as.

Sidenote. Throughout this discussion, instead of using Latino to talk about a group of people of Latin American descent, I will use Latinx since it’s inclusive and helps separate from the patriarchy. Especially since the Spanish language is inherently sexist. Using Latinx is a more equal and welcoming term to use as an identifier because it’s meant to include people of all genders or non-genders. Think of Latinx as “they/them” in the English language.

In television and films, Latinos are often playing the role of a criminal gang member if male or they are often portrayed as a really macho, steamy, attractive “lover”. The problem with this is that not all Latinos are criminals or lovers. They can amount to so much more like being a successful businessman, loving father, and/or much more. This shouldn’t be the portrayal of most Latinos in television and/or film.

The same goes for the portrayal of Latinas. On the same platforms, Latinas are typically portrayed as the housemaid/”helper”, or a really attractive, sexual, and heavy accented women. Although there’s no shame in being a housemaid or even having an accent, this isn’t the reality of all Latinas. We too can be successful businesswomen, loving mothers, and amount to more. Also, the over sexualization of Latinas is ridiculous. Not all Latinas are “curvy” or “hourglass shaped”. Just as any other women there’s no one “perfect” shape. Furthermore, not all Latinas are overly flirtatious or as sexual as depicted on television and film.

It’s also important to note that not all Latinx have “nice” golden tan skin tones, just as any other person we have different skin tones from dark to pale and it’s super important to show that in film and television. Especially since they’re are many viewers, who might not be able to identify with the Latinx person on film and/or television because it’s not inclusive of all skin tones.

It’s also vital that more representation of Latinx be a part of the LGBTQ community because again a viewer might not be able to identify with a character in a television show or film because it’s not inclusive of them being a part of the LGBTQ community.

Overall, there definitely needs to be more representation of Latinx in film and television and it needs to be inclusive to all groups because just as any other person, we all don’t fit in one description box. It’s important for all viewers to feel as though screenwriters and the media are giving Latinx the same representation as white non-Latinx characters.