In this documentary, it highlights the issues of gender and race in Disney films and how Disney corporations have become a leader and great monopoly player in the media and business world.

Growing up I never thought that any of the princess’ films were sexist. Obviously, I was young, about four to ten, so I was never thinking about that. I really enjoyed watching them because of the romanticization of finding a prince charming and having a happy ending. It all seemed perfect to me and something I’d love to have when I was older like the characters in the film.

However, as I grew up I saw that there’s more to life than finding a prince charming. Although I still do romanticize of being with somebody I love forever, it’s definitely not something I would want right now, especially since I’m barely twenty. That’d be a loonnngg time to spend with somebody since it’d be forever- “til death do us part.”

There’s still so much time for me to figure out who I am and enjoy life all by myself. The problem with the Disney films is that from a young age it instills this message that love and marriage are the main goals in life. When the reality is that there’s much more to do as an individual before even deciding to be with somebody forever.

I’m not saying that it’s bad to get married young or that it’s the wrong choice, everybody’s different. It just shouldn’t be the message sent out to young girls as if that’s the only thing in life worth doing.

The lack of people of color in Disney films is also a problem. However, I will admit it seems as though they are trying to be inclusive and include groups now. Hopefully within time, this will no longer be an issue and the films can be more inclusive to help viewers connect with the fims better.

Regarding Disney’s corporations being a great monopoly is definitely a bit troublesome because if they’re one of five major corporations to own most of the media in the U.S. it makes me wonder what they’re filtering out because of conflicts of interests or because they don’t want us to know of something.

The news we get is only what they want us to know and it’s important to always remember that we shouldn’t be dependant on getting our news from one source or even fully trusting all five of those media owners. I think it’s helpful to be attentive and a bit skeptical if something does not seem right.