Fry Street is home to several bars and is known by many UNT students as the go-to place to enjoy cold ones after finals and/or the place to go hang out on the weekends with friends. Thanks to Texas Comptroller we can delve into how much each bar that has a Mixed Beverage license on Fry Street makes from their alcohol sales.

Each month establishments that a hold a license are required to report their sales revenue of liquor, beer, and wine; which is then put into a spreadsheet that is then made available as a public record.

According to the Mixed Beverage 2017 April report, mixed beverage permit holders in Denton have made $148,312.06 in mixed beverage tax revenue. In comparison to the year before, $146,785.85, there has been a 1.04 percent increase in sale revenue.

As for Denton County, alcohol and mixed beverage serving establishments have made $535,265.92 in mixed beverage tax revenue. In comparison to the year before, $507,152.25, there has been an outstanding 5.54 percent increase in sale revenue.

However, this is a lot of money spent on alcohol, it’s not much in comparison to Dallas where they have spent a little over $3 million and a little over $4 million in the Dallas county area.

There are 11 bars in the Fry Street area that have a mixed beverage permit license. To whom ever it may surprise, Lucky Lou’s is the bar to hold the crown in mixed beverage tax revenue as of this year. According to the spreadsheets, they have made a total of $23,874.44 from January to March, with March being their best month in revenue so far.

From January to March those who hold a license and report their sales have made a total of $106,169.47 in mixed beverage revenue in the Fry Street area.

So how is Lucky Lou’s able to rake in so much dough, probably because of thier drinks specials. Like thier $2.25 Dos Equis special on Monday’s, $3 “You Keep the Glass Pints” or their other drinks specials that you can check out here that include other bars and specials in Denton.

Here’s a list of other bars in the Fry Street area and what their total revenue sales in order by largest amount to smallest from January to March.

  1. Lucky Lou’s: $23,874.44
  2. Fry Street Public House: $19,888.27
  3. Riprocks Bar and Grill: $13,001.27
  4. Fry Street Tavern: $12,699.70
  5. Cool Beans: $11,972.55
  6. The Garage: $9,277.22
  7. Tom’s Daiquiri Place: $5,462.29
  8. Shots and Crafts: $5,390.08
  9. Caskey’s: $3,087.94
  10. Library Bar: $1,407.73
  11. Chipotle: $107.98

TOTAL SALES: $106,169.47

Watch our video here on why bargoers come down to Fry Street.

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Print by: Anastasia Moncada

Photos by: Keyana Underwood

Video Edit by: Bree Henderson